I need help in extracting specific value from json array field

Hi guys,
I'm working on a json log. I have extracted correctly json message from its entries and parsed it via json plugin in this way:

grok {
patterns_dir => ["/home/elastic/ELASTIC_55/logstash-5.5.0/config/patterns/extrapatterns"]
match => { "text" => "%{CUSTOM_JSON:json_request}" }

json {
source => "json_request"
tag_on_failure => ["errore_parser_json"]
target => "json_message"

This is what I get from logstash log (I set them to --debug):

json_message" => [
[0] {
"a_cruid" => "00-06",
"descrizione" => "test_descrizione",
"fornitore" => "SARBEC",
"ean" => "800291332",
"merceologia" => "tipo_merceologia",
"pvm" => "ap723",
"operation" => "richiesta_codifica_success"

An array type field. That's fine.

What I would like to do now is extracting a_cruid field's value and set it to a new correlazione field.
I have read event api documentation but, in my opinion, it's missing some detailed examples. I tried to write down a ruby filter code in these 2 ways, but I always get nil value

ruby {
code => 'event.set("correlazione", event.get("[json_message][1]"))'

ruby {
code => 'event.set("correlazione", event.get("[json_message][a_cruid]"))'

Can you plean help me in understanding better in what I'm wrong and suggest me the best approach to this?
Thanks in advance,


I have found the solution:

ruby {
code => 'event.set("a_cruid", event.get("json_message[0][a_cruid]"))'

Thank you anyway!


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