I want to change the Kibana logo and customized the page

  1. Login logo (welcome screen)
  2. Change login in Select Space
  3. Change login in Header
  4. Change loading screen
  5. Change favicon

There are couple places for you to get started and there are many discuss posts around this:

However, when using this be aware that the way of changing this might break with every release of Kibana. I would suggest you to subscribe to this open ticket for more official updates on this:



None of the above works for v7.9.1. Changes in versions only a couple of months apart (7.9 - 7.9.1), have rendered useless what worked for the previous version. Don't expect solutions older than 6 months or even 1 year to work with the latest versions. Old solutions, they can only work with old versions.

Hi Manuel,

for newer releases How to change the top left header logo in kibana 7.9.2 should help out.
As mentioned this is an unsupported change and can break in between versions.

Hi @Janko ,

I appreciate your response. I tried the solution offered in the link, but that did not work. So far I have tried, but always failed to change anything under the X-Pack folder. After restarting Kibana, I see no change at all. It does not matter if I even make a mistake while editing the code. It looks like Kibana just ignores the changes I made. When I inspect the code from the browser dev tool, none of the changes I made are there, but just the original code. Maybe I am editing the wrong files or maybe there is something else double checking the code before processing like boostrap. Every time I change the code, I clean the browser cache and all local stored data before testing.

I know there's an official project in progress to add a feature that will allow users like me to easily customize Kibana UI. I am very exited about it and I can't wait to see it completed, but in the meantime, I'm OK with just temporary workarounds that allow me customize the UI. So if you have any more tricks up your sleeve, I'd be happy to try them out.

Thank you

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