I want to input row of csv file

I want to input per one row and csv file haven't column name.
Please teach me how to set for logstash.

Data flow is filebeat → logstash → elasticsearch.

I attached sample image of csv file.

The current versions of filebeat can parse csv natively without the requirement for logstash, Decode CSV fields | Filebeat Reference [7.12] | Elastic. but if u want to do it with logstash, Csv filter plugin | Logstash Reference [7.12] | Elastic

You can use CSV filter in logstash. PFB required syntax. Just change column name as per your requirements.
csv {
separator => ","
columns => ["Last_Check","Host","Service","Status","Attempt","state_type", "info" ,"info_extra", "status_information" ,"status_information_details"]

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