I want to know what the flush_size and idle_flush_time has been changed to

	elasticsearch { 
					hosts => localhost	  	
					index => "logstash(%{+YYYY.MM.dd})"  
					document_type =>"logstash"

it didn‘t work
i use logstash-6.1.3

Those parameters have been deprecated as output plugins are handled differently now by Logstash. Processing is now done in batches, and output is handled per batch. An output plugin is therefore no longer allowed to accumulate events across multiple batches, which is what I believe these parameters used to control.

how can i know how many events in a batch ,how does logstash output work ,i don't want logstash report errors because i upload many log the same time

The size of internal batches are governed by the pipeline.batch.size configuration parameter. How to tune this is covered in the documentation. Unless you create additional events within a batch, e.g. through the clone filter, this is the maximum bulk size sent to Elasticsearch, as each batch is processed separately.

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thank you~

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