Hello !

Does ELK have modules to monitor with metricbeat and obtain logs previously parsed with filebeat from IBM HTTP servers?

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I'm not sure if I correctly understand your description here but there is an http module for Metricbeat that might be what you are looking for: HTTP module | Metricbeat Reference [7.16] | Elastic


Thanks for answering.

My understanding is that the ibm http server is based on apache. I'm wrong?

I know the filebeat apache module for an http server but I would like to know if this is also usable with the ibm http server knowing that it is based on Apache Software Foundation's HTTP Server or if there is a specific module for ibm avoiding parsing the logs by myself.

thank you!

There is no separate ibm module for filebeat. You'd have to see if the IBM web server logs outputs in the same format as Apache. See the patterns used here, beats/pipeline.yml at master · elastic/beats · GitHub

There is a tomcat module in Filebeat so it could be of help for your use case.

That is what I supposed, I had a little hope that there was already a module that was worth it, I will try to do an extraction of logs and check if they follow the same / similar format or start with ETL.


I will look at this option and some other such as apache and if it does not work I will use those patterns that can work.


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