Identifying when logstash jdbc SQL statement has completed execution

I've set up a logstash pipeline watching a directory for logstash.conf s with a jdbc input and elasticsearch output.

I enabled .logstash_jdbc_test_last_run , which logs the time when query is executed:

--- 2019-08-23 15:26:42.847349000 Z

When running logstash on the command line, my pipeline successfully processes a logstash conf file:

[2019-08-23T15:26:48,168][INFO ][logstash.inputs.jdbc     ] (5.250782s) select S0.* from mytable S0

I'm trying to have my application notified that logstash has finished processing a logstash conf and the data is available in ES. Is there a way to write the timestamp when the query has completed to a file (for use as a flag in my application)?

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