If condition in the logstash output section


Having the latest logstash-7.7.1-1.noarch from the official repo (baseurl=https://artifacts.elastic.co/packages/7.x/yum)

In the output section the
if "_grokparsefailure" not in [tags]
works fine.

But any of the
if [event][action] =~ /^logged/ or [event][action] =~ /^viewed/
if [event][action] == "logged"
if [event][action] in [ "logged", "viewed" ]
does not work at all.

What am I missing?
Need working example.


It would be helpful to see your data. The field that you use in your condition probably doesn't exist or has a different value than you think.

I have only the one match clause for such a data:
"^Operator %{DATA:user.name} (?<event.action>logged)"
and as you can see it's impossible to make mistake.
Also I see in the kibana the parsed data:
event.action logged

If an any working config exists for a similar task I will go further.

Now after the day of fight i have doubts for a logstash possibilities :slight_smile:

So you've got a field [event.action], not [event][action]. (The latter would mean that there is a subfield action in event.)

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It's interesting that
if [event.action] =~ /^logged/ or [event.action] =~ /^viewed/
works fine, but the same in:
if [event.action] in [ "logged", "viewed" ]

Those two tests are different.

if [event.action] in [ "logged", "viewed" ]

is equivalent to

if [event.action] == "logged" or [event.action] == "viewed"
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