If statement to check if difference between two values is greater than number

I have two fields that are epoch timestamps. I want to take the first field and subtract the second field. If the results are larger than a certain number, I want to write a value into a new field.

Basically an IF statement something like IF (a - b) > 2592000 #the equivalent to 30 days epoch time
Then write value some text to field.

This is the code I have. I verified that I am getting two values set as integers for the times, but I don't think I have the IF statement correct and/or the THEN write statement.

ruby {    
	code => "
		event.set('date_plugin_mod_epoch', event.get('plugin_modification_date').to_i)  
		event.set('date_add_epoch', event.get('@timestamp').to_i)
		if (event.get('date_add_epoch') - event.get('date_plugin_mod_epoch')) > 2592000
			event.set('past_due', 'Past Due')

Any suggestions please? Thanks!

That code works just fine for me provided that plugin_modification_date is a Logstash::Timestamp. Although I would write it as

        code => "
            date_plugin_mod_epoch = event.get('plugin_modification_date').to_i
            date_add_epoch = event.get('@timestamp').to_i
            if date_add_epoch - date_plugin_mod_epoch > 2592000
                event.set('past_due', 'Past Due')
    "plugin_modification_date" => 2019-02-27T16:23:12.000Z,
                  "@timestamp" => 2019-03-29T12:50:56.230Z,
                         "foo" => "2019/02/27 11:23:12", [...]
    "plugin_modification_date" => 2019-02-26T16:23:12.000Z,
                  "@timestamp" => 2019-03-29T12:51:02.205Z,
                         "foo" => "2019/02/26 11:23:12",
                    "past_due" => "Past Due", [...]

What exactly do your two "epoch timestamps" look like.

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Thank you for your response. My epoch timestamps look like this, 1553871497 and 1518533837 as an example. They are in unix epoch time format.

OK, your code works just fine with that format too.

Strange that I cannot get my code to work. I am going to try your example as it looks far better. I like how you set the values to variables, instead of how i set them to fields then had to remove them after.

I suggest you calculate the difference and save that to a field. Maybe it will make you see something that you are missing.

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