Ignore lines which are not JSON in log file using Filebeat

Sample log file

{ "name": "Meowsy", "species" : "cat", "foods": { "likes": ["tuna", "catnip"], "dislikes": ["ham", "zucchini"] } }
another line
next line

So I want filebeat to ignore 2nd and 3rd line and send only 1st line
Any idea how to do that?
Thank you

The include_lines option sounds like what you're looking for.

The following configuration would only include lines that started with a {. If the line does not look like JSON, it would not be exported.

- type: log
  include_lines: ['^{']

Using this a log line which is not a valid json is still passed to elasticsearch. Can it be ignored?

If you are using Logstash, you can use json filter. It will parse only the json formatted events and rest will throw parse failure error and this error can be detected by _jsonparsefailure tag in the output.

Before indexing the output to ElasticSearch, you can have a conditional as below to ignore parse failures.

     if "_jsonparsefailure" not in [tags] {
				hosts => [ "localhost:9200" ]
				index  => [ "index_name-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}" ]

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