"Ignore_older" the other way around

does anyone knows how can I only read files older_than = XX, something like an include_older.
Right now I'm reading files with name format log_date.txt, the problem is that I don't want to be reading files that are being used, I'm wondering if there is a way to read files only when the last modification date is older than XX.

It might be hard to determine if a file is currently used or not (might be a temporary break from writing). What do you think about renaming files so they can be ingested (a different filename pattern)?

I know... how does the Ignore_older works? does it looks for the Last Modified date and ignore if bigger than something (compared to the actual time)? I would like to have something like that, but doing that comparison to start reading... my other alternative is copying the files to a different folder using a batch script, but I was hoping I could avoid relying on a third app.

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