ILM for each module fileset

Hey all, I'm currently in the process of porting from another logging system over to elasticsearch/kibana using filebeat as the shipper and ingest pipelines on the cloud to parse the data. What I want to accomplish is to have a seperate index for each fileset module. I'm able to do that by specifying 'index: "test-000001"' in the config file for each module fileset and I can get ILM to pick that up and rotate the log file. The trouble is that filebeat keeps pushing to the same named index with "000001" and it doesn't rotate. So what I'm looking for is help to get ILM working properly so that I can write to one index from filebeat and have ILM work to rotate the writable index. This is what I have so far for config and other settings but the ILM part is not working.


    type: log
    {{ range $i, $path := .paths }}
     - {{$path}}
    {{ end }}
      tags: ["test"]
      pattern: ^[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2}
      negate: true
      match: after
    index: "test"

GET test*/_ilm/explain

      "indices" : {
        "test" : {
          "index" : "test",
          "managed" : true,
          "policy" : "test_ilm",
          "lifecycle_date_millis" : 1597947506212,
          "age" : "10.67m",
          "phase" : "hot",
          "phase_time_millis" : 1597947506545,
          "action" : "rollover",
          "action_time_millis" : 1597947605451,
          "step" : "check-rollover-ready",
          "step_time_millis" : 1597947605451,
          "phase_execution" : {
            "policy" : "test_ilm",
            "phase_definition" : {
              "min_age" : "0ms",
              "actions" : {
                "rollover" : {
                  "max_size" : "20gb",
                  "max_age" : "1m"
                "set_priority" : {
                  "priority" : 100
            "version" : 10,
            "modified_date_in_millis" : 1597947487738
POST _aliases
  "actions" : [
    { "add" : { "index" : "test", "alias" : "test-000001", "is_write_index" : "true" } }

GET _alias/test*

  "test" : {
    "aliases" : {
      "test-000001" : {
        "is_write_index" : true


I get an error with this current config:

illegal_argument_exception: index name [test] does not match pattern '^.*-\d+$'

Not sure if that is able to help or not. It makes me more confused.

Just in case anyone is following this or see this post i the future. I found the solution to this problem with this thread.

In a nutshell it describes setting up the index lifecycle settings however you want, then you add a template to your index and the key to all of this was to bootstrap the first index with URI encoding like so:

PUT /%3Cfilebeat-7.1.1-indexname-%7Bnow%2Fd%7D-1%3E {
"aliases": {
"is_write_index": true
} } } 

The URI encoding was what was missing for my previous attempts and this is what fixed it for me. Thanks to chandra2037 for this post.

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