Include_lines in My Filebeat Module

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I have created my module in filebeat and my log can be ingested.

For filebeat.input, there is a feature called "include_lines", which we could only include the lines which matched the regex.

In filebeat module, I tried to add "include_lines" in modules.d/mymodule.yml but the filtering is not working.

If I use filebeat.input, the fields cannot be parsed correct because the log is in my customised format.

May I ask how could I use include_lines in my own filebeat module? Thanks.

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Can you share the exact config you were using? Have a look here on how variables are configured in modules:

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I created my own module (named as "log4j") with based on the

After that I did the followings:

  1. Copied the module into /usr/share/filebeat/module/
  2. Copied the config file log4j.yml into /etc/filebeat/modules.d/

Here is the content of the module config in /etc/filebeat/modules.d/:

- module: log4j
    enabled: true
     var.paths: ["/path/to/log/*log"]
     include_lines: ["SUCCESS"]

I have the following questions:

  1. It is my subjective thinking that "include_lines" is working in modules. (i.e. apache2, Nginx or custom modules).
  2. In official documentation website, "include_lines" is not mentioned within the module section. Instead, "include_lines" is covered in the filebeat.intput section (

I doubt how "include_lines" (i.e. filter the logs before ingest into ES) works when using modules because we do have scenario that filter the logs and ingest what we want only.

I have a workaround now:

  1. Use filebeat.input to configure the filebeat to read the log files, and use the "include_lines".

     - type: log
         - "/path/to/log/*log"
       include_lines: ['SUCCESS']
  2. When ingest into ES, I specify the pipeline used.


hosts: ["elk:8080"]
protocol: "http"
username: "elasticsearch"
password: "password"
index: "logs-jboss-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}"
pipeline: filebeat-6.4.0-log4j-applogs-default

This workaround is working fine but all the input will be processed with same pipeline!

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