Incoming logs from Cisco switches don't appear in filebeat-* indexes

Dear all,

I have ELK 7.8.0 and I've configured cisco asa module from Filebeat 7.8.0 in order to receive incoming logs from Cisco switches. Here it is the /etc/filebeat/modules.d/cisco.yml below line:

enabled: true
var.input: syslog
var.syslog_port: 514

After restart filebeat, I run "tcpdump -i eth0 port 514" and I can see incoming logs in the eth0 interface:

10:04:53.496880 IP > SYSLOG local7.notice, length: 119
10:04:58.645727 IP > SYSLOG local7.error, length: 101
10:06:00.641406 IP > SYSLOG local7.notice, length: 119
10:06:02.950845 IP > SYSLOG local7.error, length: 101
10:10:08.349291 IP > SYSLOG local7.notice, length: 103

But after that, when I go to Discover and I choose Filebeat-*, I search into these indexes for Cisco switches syslog events, but I can't see syslogs at all.

What can be the problem? Because I see syslogs in the physical interface but I don't see them in filebeat-* .

Thanks in advance !!!

Can you execute with full logging output enabled and paste the results in a proper Markdown format, please? metricbeat -e -d "*"

Dear Mario, I've implemented a new ELK server and now the Cisco logs are coming OK.

Thanks for your help!!!


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