Increase of memory in logstash when certificate reload time is kept as 5min

When certificate rotations time is kept as 5min will there be any increase in memory in logstash?

There's not really a lot to go on here.
Certificate rotation for what exactly?

Actually here certificate is for TLS connection to be establishing. If I decrease certificate reload time to 5min then there pipeline reload happening in logstash which means logstash reconnects with destination. Issue is when testing this way we could observe increase memory in logstash. Any idea @warkolm why this increase is happening

Again, it's not clear what you are talking about in regards to certificate reload.

Sharing some configuration would be useful, as would how you're identifying this memory increase.

Actually I was checking two scenarios here
Scenario 1: Certificate reload happen for every 5min in logstash.
In this case I have checked cpu usage where I could see linear increase in memory
Scenario 2: Certificate reload happen after every 1 week in logstash.
Here memory is stable

These two scenarios I have been checking after testing for 3 days.
So my question, Is there any reason for increase in memory of logsatsh when certificate reload happens?

I'm sorry, I cannot answer your question without the information you have provided.

ok, Could you suggest me like what all values are required may be I can collect and update the details here.
Thank you for your patience

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