Index pattern in Kibana can not create

Good Morning,

Coud You plese hepl me? The problem is that : In kibana I can not create index pattern . My logs are in elasticsearch : curl -XGET "http://es01:9200/_cat/indices" and I checked the logs of docker container elasticsearch but nothing ...

Im using elk stack 7.3.2 on docker

I dont know what else could be the reason .. of this

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Update - logstash the docs count in (elasticsearc management is 0 ) .. why :confused:

Hi. Can you attach to the Kibana container to check logs? Are you sure that there is a network connection between the Kibana and Elasticsearch containers? There are mode details about the setup:

Thank you very much ... my problem was that I used in docker-compose for elasticsearch the bridge and by logstashpipele.conf in output included as well my indexname was written like with uppercase Indexname -> I changed on lowercase indexname and remove [ "es01:9200"] "es01:9200" and it works

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