Indexed records with logstash-input-jdbc not appearing in elasticsearch

I am new to elasticsearch. I am using elasticsearch version 5.2.1 . I used logstash-input-jdbc plugin to index Oracle table data into elasticsearch. The table has almost 5.5 lakhs records. After indexing is completed when I do a search, I can see only 1 record. The remaining data are missing. I did not see any specific error message in Logstash after completing the indexing. Please find below the elasticsearch output

output {
elasticsearch {
index => "poc"
document_type => "tickets"
document_id => "%{TICKET_NUMBER}"
hosts => "localhost"

I am able to see only one record with a specific ticket number. When I tried to search other tickets, it is giving empty data.

Can someone please guide me if I am missing anything?

Thanks in advance,

Please show what the document that you do get into Elasticsearch looks like.

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