Indicator Detection

I want to use a CSV(Indicator file) lookup to detect the indicators available in the file to report an alert. please suggest.

Hi Phoenix,

I would recomend using a combination of file upload and threat match detection type.

Ensure your csv has a timestamp column or use a pipeline during fileupload to add a @timestamp field with the now value. This is required for the detection.

  1. Open the integrations page and search for csv
  2. Select the "upload a file" integration
  3. go through the steps and use a specific index as destination, e.g indicators_from_csv; Take not of the column/fieldname in which you indicator is stored (ip/hash/url)
  4. Navigate to the siem rules and create a new one
  5. Use the indicator match type and fill out the source, query etc as best applies. e.g:
  6. Fill out your detection details and use a bigger lookback period if you want to search historicaly.
  7. Save and enable you rule.

Thanks for your response,

  1. how to integrate csv data into Index ?
  2. how to parse the respective fields accroding to IOC detection rule ?

Have you gone through the steps? They should guide you through getting this done.

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