Ingest fixed length data from internet

I have internet based web site, fixed length data, that I need to ingest. Question:

  1. Can beats be used - assuming have to use Logtash
  2. The input has about 100 fixed length. Is there a 'easy' way to define the fields - referring to How to parse data with fixed length but no separators - Elastic Stack / Logstash - Discuss the Elastic Stack
  3. The input file will need be unencrypted. Any help would be really appreciated

You can use just logstash to do this.
Logstash has an http_poller input that you can use.

If you post an example of the data then I can help you further.

Many thanks AquaX

Here is an extract of input file specification - the 1st column is a header. :
|Label1 |5|
|Label19|5| 100 labels

Hoping this helps :slight_smile:

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