Ingest logs from a web API that require auth in a separate request


We are currently facing a situation in which we need to request the logs to an external API. Our initial idea was to do this using Filebeat's httpjson plugin, but now we are uncertain that this can be achieved, given API usage, which goes as follows:

  1. You send a request to "" providing the user/password to get an auth token
  2. You send the request to "" providing said token to retrieve the logs

Since we are no Elastic experts, we are wondering which would be the best method to collect these logs

I do not use Filebeat for this, but according to the documentation it seems possible.

Plese, check the examples in the documentation.

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Hi leandrojmp,

You are right, it looks like I completely missed that example when browsing the documentation.

Thank you very much and excuse me for the trouble.

Best regards!


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