Ingest pipeline unable to create new field from message data

Hello Team,

We are trying to create an ingest pipeline using filebeat for below log pattern to create new field "elasticsearch.slowlog.took_millis="16"" from below slowlog message, but unable to find proper documentation from elastic which can help here.

elasticsearch index slow Log message as follow

[2022-09-26T05:50:17,970][WARN ][i.s.s.fetch ] [node-1]"null" elasticsearch.slowlog.message="[indexname][0]" elasticsearch.slowlog.search_type="QUERY_THEN_FETCH" elasticsearch.slowlog.source="{}" elasticsearch.slowlog.stats="" elasticsearch.slowlog.took="16.7ms" elasticsearch.slowlog.took_millis="16" elasticsearch.slowlog.total_hits="106920 hits" elasticsearch.slowlog.total_shards="1"

Kindly suggest how i can achieve this


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