Initial using AppSearch

I've started with AppSearch by to tests, but i have some doubts.

How many documents can i ingest with trial version?

I trying to ingest around +- 5,000 documents, but i can't make it.

There're no errors.

If anybody can help me, i'll appreciate.

Tales Macedo

@tales How are you trying to ingest these documents. Through our API? If so, are you using one of our language clients?

Hello @JasonStoltz, thank's for answer me.

I'm trying to ingest my documents using Paste JSON Standard API. I haven't license yet.
Now I can do it, it was the byte limitation of the API.

What I could not put to work is a Reference UI. Always show me the message in the browser: An
unexpected error occurred: Failed to fetch

Tales Macêdo

Hello @tales. App Search On-Premise is now out of beta:
Give it a try and we'll be here to help out if needed.

Thank's soo much, i going to download this version and test it. I will keep in touch.

Good Morning @orhantoy,

Seems everythings are working with new version AppSearch 7.2. How I just started with ElasticStack, AppSearch, I have some doubts, if can you help me, I'll appreciatte.

AppSearch 7.2 is totally free, how does it working, or it is part of ElasticStack as Kibana ?

Are there limitations, as limit of documents, engines, fields ?

Now, I trying to test Java lib Client, but I can't, if you had some small code java example.

I get the exception:
Caused by: Certificate for <> doesn't match any of the subject alternative names: [*,]
at org.apache.http.conn.ssl.SSLConnectionSocketFactory.verifyHostname(

Tales Macêdo

Yes, App Search On-Premise 7.2 is part of the Elastic Stack and offered for free. You can read more about it here.

Limitations: an engine can only have 64 fields. No limits on number of engines or documents.

Hi @tales. Check out the README of the Java client here, this should help:

Hi @JasonStoltz, my friend.

I'm able to establish the connection with Java Client AppSearch, everythings worked fine. Now, in my ERP I used SpringDataElasticSearch, I have to see how to connect AppSearch with them.

Thank you very much, if you have any idea, i'll appreciate.

Tales Macêdo

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