Initializing module - infinite loop error

Hi, we've installed new version of logstash 6.0.1 on Centos. It was pure installation of operational system and elk too. But when we run logstash, it says this infinite loop:

[2017-12-11T11:13:08,944][INFO ][logstash.modules.scaffold] Initializing module {:module_name=>"netflow", :directory=>"/usr/share/logstash/modules/netflow/configuration"}
[2017-12-11T11:13:53,267][INFO ][logstash.modules.scaffold] Initializing module {:module_name=>"fb_apache", :directory=>"/usr/share/logstash/modules/fb_apache/configuration"}

In logstash.yml there is no settings just log path. We don't have any modules installed or x-pack.

Here is someone having the same issue but he solve it by downgrading. But we don't want to do that. Our previous version 5.4 was running without problem.

Any idea what to do?

I'm having the exact same issue. It was happening in 6.0.0 and continues to happen after I upgraded to 6.0.1. I've added a comment with some logs to the GitHub issue.

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