Inode change without reason

I Have an ELK stack stablished using the following workflow

A DB2 server generating logs in .txt format, a FTP for ingest those logs into a S3 bucket in my AWS environment

Than a s3fs-fuse mount system, using this S3 bucket as a shared file system in my EC2 vm
(Linux Amazon 2)

In this EC2 it also has logstash installed on it

And in Logstash i have a File Input Plugin, using multiline codec, start_position => "beginning" and tail mode to read the files in the mounting system

So, the problem is, after some experiments by myself, i've detected that Logstash is re reading all files every time i restart the service

Consulting my sincedb file i get some examples that not give me a reason for that behavior

Like, there are 3 lines that exists in my sincedb file, for the same file

17401603 0 38 0 1666092729.908425 /var/logsaudit/file1.txt

17463979 0 38 0 1666094675.885058

17401603 0 38 0 1666092729.908425

The point is, if you look into these lines, you will notice that only timestamp and inode number has changed

But my files didn't have undergone a change since it's moved from DB2 server to S3 bucket

So what is the most probably cause for that inode change?

(This behavior happens with all files inside the S3 after each logstash service restart)

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