Input file plugin - file is not read when modified


I am using file input plugin in logstash. My file gets replaced in regular time interval . I need the file to be read from the beginning each time it is replaced.
I have below setting . It reads from beginning only when the logstash is restarted. But after modification (added data in the beginning of file), it doesn't read it from the beginning.
file {
path => "/home/user1/test_2020-09-*.csv"
sincedb_path => "/dev/null"
start_position => "beginning"

Probably inode re-use. There are several github issues that discuss this. No simple solutions.

It reads the file from bottom on updating the file. Assuming that probably it is considering the file not yet closed and that's why reads from bottom as per tail mode, I also tried setting the close_older to a smaller interval (5 mins) and replaced the file after that.
But no luck !

Even after replacing the file after an hour, it didn't help.
Does filebeat has this capability of reading the file from the beginning every time when it is replaced ?

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