Input files already exist in folder [solved]

hello everyone ,

my problem (it's not a real problem) is when i for example modify logstash config to creat a new index pattern and this new index it's concern files that already contained into certain folder before configuration of logstash , i always have to recharge files in this folder (i mean move files away then re input them in the folder ) , i am asking if there is a method to make logstash read file that already exist before it's config ?

thank you

It sounds like you're looking for the file input's start_position option. It controls what Logstash does with newly discovered files.

yes , that's exactly whay i want , thank you a lot

i want just to know if i have to install 'file' plugin for use start_position ?

No, the file input plugin ships with Logstash.

because i got an error "couldn't find any filter file" , i am running logstash via docker

It's an input plugin not a filter. Move it to the right section in your config file.

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