Input http plugin and CORS

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I have enabeld the input http plugin and added some headers for CORS. In general it works.

To be secure I have enabled also the authorization, but I am struggling with the OPTIONS request itself.
Normally the application does not send authorization headers during the OPTIONS request.

Is there any way to disable authorization check for OPTIONS request or what is the recommended way?

Furthermore I am wondering if the http plugin is the right way for using it with a productive client side application or are there better "protocolls" for transfering logs?

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Sending logs can also be done with filebeat and you can then make some multiline treatments while on the initial server to make your centralized logstash less cpu intensive and more preformant.

You can also use other native logsystems like syslog

After that, you can also use log4j (deprecated) or tcp/udp capable sender (maybe flume can do the job). But it is not the most common way to do it and you will have to test it...

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