Input HTTP_Poller, HTTPS on the API / untrusted cert

(Charles Labri) #1

Anyone have any luck with HTTPS on untrusted cert with this plugin?

I am getting a java error "PKIX path building failed" due to an untrusted cert.

PS. trying to use the nagios NCPA plugin to gather perf metrics from systems via the HTTPS listener API.

(Andrew Cholakian) #2

Hi Charles, I don't believe we expose that functionality yet, but we should. For now you can tell it to use the proper cacert value. Here's a link to the docs on this.

I've just opened a bug to add this feature:

(Andrew Cholakian) #3

@CharlesLabri the latest version of logstash-mixin-http_client (which http_poller is based on) fixes this. Would you mind trying to upgrade your version of logstash-mixin-http_client and retrying?

(Charles Labri) #4

Wow, you're awesome! Thanks!

(Ramdev Wudali) #5

How do I go about updating the http-mixin-http_client ? I seem to be having some issues where a URL intermittently raises a host not responding issue. I am wondering fi updating the mixing client will fix this issue.

(issue raised in : Http_poller 's weird behavior with polling URLs )



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