Input jdbc plugin network issue

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we are using the logstash JDBC scheduler to fetch data every 10 seconds. It is working fine, but with the network glitches it is not able to make a connection again after the network is up. Always it is returning

←[33mException when executing JDBC query {:exception=>#<Sequel::DatabaseError: J
ava::JavaSql::SQLException: [NetSuite][SuiteAnalytics Connect JDBC Driver]Intern
al network error, connection closed.>, :level=>:warn}←[0m
←[31mJava::JavaSql::SQLException: [NetSuite][SuiteAnalytics Connect JDBC Driver]
Internal network error, connection closed.:

When we stop and start the process it is working

Snippet of config file:

jdbc_pool_timeout => 100 
jdbc_validation_timeout => 60 
sequel_opts => {"login_timeout" => 60} 
schedule => "* * * * * *" 
jdbc_validate_connection => true; 

Any Solution?

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