Input kafka: the decorate_events option overwrites @timestamp

Version: logstash-input-kafka (8.3.1)

  • Operating System: Red Hat 7.2
  • Logstash: 6.8.1
    I am using decorate_event in my kafka input section. It works nicely but unfortunatly, in combination with codec json, I lost @timestamp as time of indexation. My @timestamp is the time of recording in Kafka, same as [@metadata][kafka][timestamp] but I have lost the timestamp of indexing in logstash. So I have to rebuild my code in order not to use codec json in the kafka input section. Is it a normal behavior ?
    Thanks for your tips

If a json codec sees a field in the JSON called @timestamp it will overwrite @timestamp with it. You could use a ruby filter to capture the ingestion time

ruby { code => 'event.set("ingestedAt",' }

it is not the case and if I set decorate_event to false, @timestamp is correct

If you look at the code, decorate_events just controls whether fields are added to [@metadata][kafka].

already checked the code and you're right but if you run a logstash configuration, @timestamp is overwritten

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