Input tcp does not close the connection

(Tonni Hult) #1


My problem is that the tcp plugin seems to keep a connection open instead of closing it after each call. Is this normal behaviour? We have a loadbalancer that constantly make GET requests to see that each node in the cluster is responding and it expects a 200 response but right now it get's nothing, only an connection that never closes.

Our input configuration looks like this and we are running logstash version 2.4.1

	tcp {
	port => 443
	codec => json
	ssl_enable => true
	ssl_cert => "abc.pem" 
    ssl_key => "abc.key"
	ssl_extra_chain_certs => ["def.pem"]
	ssl_verify => false
	tags => "ssl_transfer"


(Magnus Bäck) #2

The tcp input doesn't speak HTTP so the load balancer will never get a 200 response (or anything else for that matter).

(Tonni Hult) #3

Ah. So then we should use the http input for the loadbalancer and keep the tcp input for nxlog

(Magnus Bäck) #4

Yes, that should work.

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