Input Varnish Logs to Logstash

My goal is to send varnish logs to Logstash, both are running on different servers. Currently I am able to perform this using rsyslog (I also saw examples of FileBeat being used) on the machine where varnish logs are stored. I want to use a simpler/direct mechanism without using rsyslog.
I saw Varnishlog input plugin but I notice it doesn't have a lot of parameters that I can use to configure a remote host, it says "Read from varnish cache’s shared memory log".
Does this mean that in order to use this plugin, the varnish log and logstash should be running on the same machine.
What is the best way of doing this?

Yes, it does. The plugin reads from Varnish shared memory.

If you are logging that VSM to a file then you could have filebeat tail that and send it to logstash or elasticsearch.

The plugin hasn't been updated in 8 years (back when the event API was introduced), but it is pretty simple and I don't think the basics of VSM have changed.

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