Inquiries about metricbeat disk write visualize

Information on disk write capacity is collected and displayed.

As you can see, the maximum capacity is 110 TB.

I'm not sure if this is daily data, monthly data, or yearly data.

How long is this data?

Could it be possible to show only data in a short time unit like 1 minute or 1 hour?

thank you.

See the setting that says

Date Timerange Mode
Last Value

That means these values are from the last time bucket in the time range.

See where you have the time interval set to auto. That means that the time buckets will be automatically selected depending on the time range.

See where it says interval is 60 seconds

So that means this graph represents the last full 60 second bucket of time.

If you made the date picker say the last 24 hours that auto setting would choose something like I think 30 minutes or so and so those values would represent the last 30 minutes.

So It turns out the data is actually being shown for the last full 1 minute / 60 sec.

I'm not sure exactly which metric if that's disk available etc. But what I described above is what's happening / being displayed.

Thank you for your kind reply.

But I don't quite understand.

Because 60 seconds of data is not as big as 110TB.

Exactly what metric are you displaying?

Please show the data tab.

exactly what data / metric are you trying to show?

Is it disk capacity, disk used?

Is it bytes it's read or written per second?

If you're looking for disc, read and write bites per second

That date is typically written as a monotonically increasing value, so you need to use a counter rate as the aggregation. I suspect you're just using Max or something and that's why it looks like that.

What are you looking for? What are you trying to display?

If you look at the capture that I have attached, there is information on the data tab.

What I want is to get the value of the system.diskio.write.bytes field and display it.

For example, you only want to see data write usage for one minute.

But as you can see, it shows a huge capacity like 110TB.

I only want to see disk write usage for a minute or an hour.

Ahh Yes apologies missed that and like I said where you have aggregation Sum you should be using Counter Rate.

That is the correct Aggregation for read and write bytes which are recorded as total bytes not bytes / s etc

From the docs here

The total number of bytes written successfully. On Linux this is the number of sectors written multiplied by an assumed sector size of 512.

type: long

format: bytes

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