Inrepolation logstash 7.11.1

I haw been logstash version 6.X and my logstash output S3 worked. I use prefix at output:

prefix => “dillinger-stat-message/%{+YYYY.MM.dd}/%{host[name]}/%{source}”

when I migrate to logstash version 7.11.1(docker, filebeat left the same ) I become get error:

[ERROR][logstash.javapipeline    ][main] Pipeline worker error, the pipeline will be stopped {:pipeline_id=>"main", :error=>"Invalid FieldReference: `host[name]`", 

when I use

prefix => “dillinger-stat-message/%{+YYYY.MM.dd}/%{host}/%{source}”

I get prefixe with path where is %{host} equile


I tryed a lof of wariants but don't fix my pain. Pls help me and maybe claryfi for me ho it's work? how I am able get list all variable, maybe.

logstash stopped supporting ambiguous field references. Change it to

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