Inserting huge xml into elasticsearch

i'm trying to process the .xml file provided by the MSR conference 2015 ( Being new to elasticsearch/logstash i really could use some advice about setting up the .conf file. The xml has 1 post/line and looks like :

<row Id="4" PostTypeId="1" AcceptedAnswerId="7" CreationDate="2008-07-31T21:42:52.667" Score="305" ViewCount="20324" Body="<p>I want to use a track-bar to change a form's opacity....

(some of it is in html format so i cant paste it)

How could i manage the filter file so that i can for example index the "Body" and the "code" of each post into ES?
Based on some examples i used some basic configurations, but when executing the cmd is getting stack at
"Settings: Default pipeline workers: 4
Pipeline main started"

input {
file {
path => "C:/Users/thanos/Desktop/proxeiroXML.xml"
start_position => "beginning"

filter {
xml {
store_xml => "false"
source => "row id"
output { elasticsearch { action => "index"
hosts => "localhost"
index => "post"
stdout {}