Installing LogStash 2.2.2 failed on Windows Server 2012


When I installed LogStash 2.2.2 (in Program Files folder), I got the following error messages:

bin/plugin install logstash-input-beats

Unable to download data from - SocketError: initialize: name or service not know (

My PROD server is not connected to Internet; so any new installation must be done manually. So, do you know what did I do wrong?


Without internet you will need to do offline install of plugins, or grab the All Plugins release of LS.
Take a read through

Good morning Mark,

I read through the page as provided by you. Unfortunately, here is a Windows shop and I therefore cannot create my own private Rubygems server which is UNIX based.

If I download all the LogStash 2.2.0 plugins (in ZIP format) from the site,, and unzip it in C:\Program Files\LogStash, can I just run the follow command to install them:

./bin/plugin –local logstash-input-beats

Thank you in advance,

If you get the all plugins version, all the plugins are included, so you don't need to install anything.

Thanks Mark.

How do I make LogStash to run as a Windows Service?


I dunno about that sorry, I am sure there are places on the net that can guide you better than I can.