Installing logstash plugin inside docker container

So, when trying to install a logstash plugin inside a docker container (using an interactive shell, or a Dockerfile or docker-compose , doesn't matter), this happens:

sh-4.2$ ./logstash-plugin install logstash-codec-sflow
ERROR: Something went wrong when installing logstash-codec-sflow, message: execution expired

It seems there is no verbose option for the plugin installer, so I have to idea what to look for.
Also, the docker container has working internet. Any ideas?


Hi @thomas.heuberger

In Docker File can you please add the below line according to OS.

For CentOS/RHEL:

RUN yum update

For Ubuntu:

RUN apt-get update

Please try this , may this will work.

Thanks ,

Never mind. The problem is that the logstash plugin installer ignores the proxy export, and does not echo any error messages.

provides the answer.

Hi @thomas.heuberger

logstash-5.x.x series versions have problem with "jruby 1.27"

If you want execute this then please install logstash 6.2, and jruby 1.9.12 latest version.

May be above information is useful to you, because , I have faced same problem in logstash 5.x.x ,

And I have resolve it by upgrading logstash version 6.4.2 and jruby 1.9.12

As I wrote in my very first post, the docker image i'm using is image:, which is the latest stable version. However, the solution presented in the thread I linked also works for 7.1.1

thanks, anyways.

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