Installing plugins behind proxy when installed from deb package

I'm running 5.6, and I've had a hell of a time just trying to get the logstash-plugin install command to work.

I've read it needs to be run as logstash user with http_proxy and the JRUBY_OPTS set, but none of these things in any permutations are helping, I'm just getting Connection Refused.

Is the easy way going to be to just download the package and run it locally? I tried it before with 2.x and I could never get the local plugin installation to function. Is there some sort of user guide for troubleshooting the local installation for people who don't work with Ruby?

I don't really care how it happens but I need to be able to do this and reproduce the results.


Sorry to hear you are having issues, does provide any assistance at all?

This worked for me, although I had to revert to the 2.4 version (with pack/unpack) due to one of the plugins used by the software I'm running having a Logstash < 3.0 requirement. This will work for future deployments though and for now seems to be far easier than trying to use the standard install command behind a proxy just due to the vast number of variables.

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