Install local plugin using --local does not work: tries "online installation


I have to make an offline installation of a plugin on a system not connected to Internet. I followed the procedure I found on elasticsearch/logstash documentation:

  1. install the plugin on an "online" system,
  2. use "logstash-plugin pack" command
  3. this produces a plugins_package.tar.gz file: checked the content, seems Ok, with many gem files, including the one related to the plugin I installed
  4. Transferred the tar.gz file to my offline machine
  5. run the "logstash-plugin unpack plugins_package.tar.gz" command : ok ...
    6), but, when I run the "logstash-plugin install --local myPlugin" command ... It tried to run an Internet installation (seems to ignore the --local option)

Did I miss anything ?

Thanks for your help,