Logstash, local plugin installation fails if network connected without internet

installing a local plugin in logstash only works with internet connection or without any network connection. When trying to do it in a local network without internet i get the following error message

to install the plugin i use the following command in a batch file:
"call "%EXEC_DIR%logstash-5.5.0\bin\logstash-plugin.bat" install --local "%EXEC_DIR%logstash-5.5.0\plugin\logstash-filter-aggregate-2.5.2.gem""
tested with logstash version 5.5.0

Hi! We're in the process of removing the --local option because its buggy. That's why we've deprecated it. Try following these instructions for creating an offline plugin pack instead.

won't that just create a zipped version of the gem's? besides it probably not working with spaces in my file path :frowning: (f.e. my other post)

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