How to ACTUALLY install plugins locally?

I've done a bunch of googling on this... spent many HOURS trying to get this to work.. with no luck.

I need to install a plugin on a no-internet machine.
specifically, logstash-output-zabbix.

the docs claim I can just grab it from and run
logstash-plugin install file.gem

I might even want to try install --local
except that doesnt work either.

it spins, not visibly doing anything, and eventually fails with a timeout error.

This is really frustrating, considering that

  1. it wont tell me what its trying to do, and there is no --verbose option

  2. its ignoring the --local flag. tcpdump says its still trying to reach

not cool, guys.

Can anyone help me out here?

logstash 7.5 btw

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