Logstash Plugin 1.5.3 offline installation

As far i am aware that pre logstash 2.0 , none of the version supports offline installation of logstash plugins . Is it possible if i install the logstash plugin using plugin manager in a machine having internet connection and then copy all the gems of the installed plugin to the machine where internet is not available . Will it install or build my gems when logstash boots up?

Is anyone aware of how to do offline plugins installation in Logstash?

Hey Sushant - yep, the solution that you explained should work.

  • Download Logstash on a online host
  • Install all the required plugins "$LS_HOME/bin/plugin install " on this host
  • Create an archive out of the entire $LS_HOME directory
  • Copy the archive over to offline host(s) and unarchive it

Thanks for your response . Actually i wanted to know if it is possible to install plugins only by copying only ruby gems of the plugin which got intstalled in logstash installed on online host to the logstash installed in offline machine . Will exported plugin work as is after copying the plugin gems only .
I tried this but plugin manager is not listing that plugin as an installed plugin in offline logstash.

Are you archiving the entire Logstash directory after installing all the plugins you need? If you move the full archive, it should have the needed plugins in the offline instances.

Our thoughts on moving forward for offline installs is to have a separate package which contains a full set of latest Logstash plugins which can be used to install plugins on offline boxes. Please see here: https://github.com/elastic/logstash/issues/4086

Hope this helps.