Install Logstash-jdbc-integration plugin offline

Hi, this is Richard.
I'm trying to install logstash-jdbc-integration plugin on Logstash 7.8.0 on a machine that does not have internet access.

What I'm trying to do is like below which is similar to install plugin on elasticsearch without internet access.
$LS/bin/logstash-plugin install file:///somewhere/somefile

However, I couldn't find anywhere to download logstash-jdbc-integration file,
and I'm not sure if file should be zip or tar or something.
Also I'm not sure if it is supported way to install plugin like that command.

I tried to clone logstash-integration-jdbc repository and gem build command and used logstash-plugin install command.
But it said like below.
reason: The pack must contains at least one plugin, message: The pack must contains at least one plugin

Would you please let me know if it is possible to install
logstash-jdbc-integration 5.0.5 on logstash 7.8.0 without internet access?
and where I can get the plugin file and command to install?

Thank you.

Did you check the documentation on how to install the plugin offline?

You need first to create an offline package on a machine with internet access and a logstash on the same version.

The steps are explained in the documentation.

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