How to install logstash-input-jdbc in Off-line environment(windows)

(kikuchan) #1

I tried to use logstash-input-jdbc using followed command
:plugin install C:/local/logstash-input-jdbc-1.0.0.gem.
But it is showing following error,

Validating C:/local/logstash-input-jdbc-1.0.0.gem
Installing logstash-input-jdbc
Error Bundler::HTTPErro, retrying 1/10
Could not fetch specs from

I know that this error is not connected error to
I need to install logstash-input-jdbc in Off-line environment.

how to install jdbc plugin in windows machine(Off-line environment)?

(Pere Urbon-Bayes) #2

the problem you are encountering here is with the dependencies of the plugin, you actually need them to have the plugin installed and the .gem files hasn't them. For now, and until we have merged, the easiest path for you will be to install the plugin in a machine with internet, including the dependencies and then move this to your offline environment.

Does this help your for now?

(kikuchan) #3

Thank you for your answer.
I understand that logstash-input-jdbc should be installed in a machine with Internet.

I read ,but I don't understand these contents.

I guess if I want to install plugins(logstash-input-jdbc) with offline,I should have skills of Ruby.
therefore, I am trying to learn Ruby.


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