Integrating filebeat Causes exec.Command to Fail

I am currently integrating filebeat into my project. I have encountered an issue: I start a goroutine in my project to launch the filebeat plugin. The plugin starts successfully, but the strange thing is that after it starts successfully, all command processes created using the go SDK's exec.Command fail to execute, with an error message like this: "fork/exec /usr/bin/mkdir: operation not permitted". There were no issues before starting the filebeat plugin. Has anyone encountered a similar issue? Can you help me solve this problem? Thank you very much.

Filebeat version: v7.17.22

Here is a part of the code:

go func() {
    filebeatConfigPath := "/home/yom_op/configs/filebeat.yml"
    os.Args = []string{os.Args[0], fmt.Sprintf("--c=%s", filebeatConfigPath)}

    if err := cmd.Filebeat(inputs.Init, cmd.FilebeatSettings()).Execute(); err != nil {

Issue figured out. The filebeat config cause this situation:
# Enable or disable seccomp system call filtering on Linux. Default is enabled. #seccomp.enabled: true
The seccomp.enabled config field is enabled by default. Everything works ok after I change it to false.