Interpolation in string should be happening but isn't

I have the following document that went through logstash (v7.10.2):

and message was constructed with the snippet:

    mutate {
      add_field => { "message" => "%{[http][request][method]} %{[url][domain]}%{[url][original]}" }

but obviously these values didn't get interpolated - what might cause this?

This appears to be due to having fields in my elastic document as dot-separated:

    "http.request.method": "GET",
    "discourse.time.redis": 0.018657,
    "url.domain": "",

Reading up about this it seems that the Kibana grok debugger behaves completely differently than logstash… which is exactly opposite what you want from a debugging tool?

My patterns are using e.g.:


syntax which gives the correct (nested values) result in the grok debugger, but a single dot-separated field name with logstash.

The bracket patterns in kibana:


give e.g.:

  "[url][domain]": "",

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