Invalid FieldReference: `[]`

Hi all,

i receive from logstash error this kind of error:
:exception=>#<RuntimeError: Invalid FieldReference: []

this pipeline transform a csv , in the line i've [ ] value a couple of field.
for exaple the line can be:
value1,value2,[ ] ,"value4"

How can I handle this kind of value in the configuration?
Tried some controls but all fails i'm going crazy.



The csv filter will always call event.set if you have told it to store that column, and event.set will always try to dereference the [ ]. You could try using mutate+gsub to remove it before calling the csv filter.

Hi Badger,

let's assume that I trim [ ] then i have a nil value ?
Which is the best metod to control the nil values?

I wrote this :

filter {
mutate {
gsub => [
"field1", "[\[\]]", ""


	ruby {
  code => "
	if event.get('field1').nil?

The final solution , as mentioned by Badger remove all [ ] from the original message before the CSV parsing (substituting with a space) if you only trim it will not work:

filter {
       mutate {
                    gsub => ["message", "[\[\]]", " "]

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