Invalid Frame Type, received: 69/84

Hi Guy,

I always encounter below issue from logstash when shipping log from filebeat to logstash, but if can ship to elasticsearch by filebeat directly.

Handling exception:$InvalidFrameProtocolException: Invalid Frame Type, received: 69

Below is my version information:

logstash: 6.1.2
filebeat: 6.1.2

Do you have any idea? Thanks.

This can happen when Filebeat uses SSL but Logstash doesn't. Without seeing your configuration we can only guess.


@magnusbaeck, all configuration for filebeat/logstash uses default ssl(false). So it should not cause by this. But I am sure it should be logstash issue.

@magnusbaeck, just found the root cause. Found it is so confused for many #, which let me forgot to uncomment below line:


God. Anyway, thanks.


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