Invalid redirect in causes links to lead to 404

Hi Elastic,

This is a page I've encountered while browsing your blog posts.

To reproduce:

  1. Go to

  2. Click any internal link to other elastic/found blog article, e.g.

    Elasticsearch Internals: An Overview
    Do notice the trailing slash

  3. GET /blog/found-writing-a-plugin/ results in 302 Moved Temporarily to blog/found-writing-a-plugin (no leading and no trailing slashes).

The browser interprets this as a relative path to be added to the current path, i.e.

I saw this only on found blog posts. Probably this is a migration issue.

To fix I think you need to change the nginx rewrite rule to include the leading slash. Or at very least drop the trailing slash from the links in the posts.


Thanks, I will make our content team aware of this!

This is now fixed, thanks again!