Is Apache HttpClient 5.x supported?

I'm using java agent 1.42.0.

Is Apache HttpClient 5.x supported? The docs say 4.3+. With debug enabled, I see messages like:

2023-11-29 07:29:20,399 [main] DEBUG co.elastic.apm.agent.bci.ElasticApmAgent - Applying instrumentation co.elastic.apm.agent.httpclient.v4.ApacheHttpClientInstrumentation

But I don't see similar messages for 5.x, nor do I see any 5.x instrumentation in the agent source.

My 5.x backend calls are not being instrumented. The trace context does seem to exist on the thread, at least according to my log output.


Hi, unfortunately Apache HTTP Client 5.x is not yet supported, but there is a PR for it with which we'll soon move forward. You can follow it to be notified when support is added.

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