Is config reload logged?

Hi, I am using config reload on logs like described here:

#=========================== Filebeat inputs =============================
# Enable filebeat config reloading
    enabled: true
    path: inputs.d/*.yml
    reload.enabled: true
    reload.period: 30s

How can I see in filebeat logs when the reload has been done successfully?

Inside that inputs.d folder I have files with content like this:

- type: log

  enabled: true

    - /var/log/myapp/session-fail.log

  encoding: windows-1252

    logType: session_fail dev4

  fields_under_root: true
  #ignore_older: 0

  scan_frequency: 1s

  multiline.pattern: ^\[[\d \-\.\,:]{23}\] ([\d+\.]{4}|unknown)
  multiline.negate: true
  multiline.match: after

  multiline.max_lines: 10000

  # After the defined timeout, an multiline event is sent even if no new pattern was found to start a new event
  # Default is 5s.
  multiline.timeout: 5s

Thanks Andreas

A simple way would be to add a new input config and then look at filebeat log (/var/log/filebeat/filebeat -- log location on Linux) and check if harverster started for the files mentioned in the additional config.

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